Quality havanese puppies since 1985

 Teddy Bear Havanese 

 Formally Known As Noblegold (Specializing in Chocolates)

Noblegold bloodline, new owner Danielle Turner

706-969-6485 / teddybearhavanese@gmail.com

My name is Danielle Turner, I have worked with Nancy Noble for many years and have now acquired her business. I have changed the name to Teddy Bear Havanese but am still using the Noblegold line. Please call, text, or email with any questions. 
Each puppy is raised and socialized at in my living room and would make a great addition to any home. These beautiful pups are hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Each puppy is child friendly, playful, and would brighten up anyone's day! They have a beautiful silk coat, adoring eyes and a lovable attitude! They come in a wide variety of colors such as black, white, chocolate, creme, gold and sables.. What more could you ask for?

All puppies are health guaranteed for three years! If anything happens to your puppy we will replace it for free! All mommies and daddies are eye, patella, cardiac, and hearing tested. If you are interested in a pup please continue down or click the puppies for sale link above! 

Proud partner with NuVet (highly recommended supplement). Click the shopping list tab and follow the NuVet link for more information.

Available Puppies

Arya x Diesel Black Girl White Markings and Tan Points

DOB: Sept 1, 2021

Ready to go home: Now

Click on her picture to view her album

Yara x Diesel Choc Sable Boy with White Mohawk

DOB: Nov 1, 2021

Ready to go home: Dec. 27th

Click on his picture to view his album

Yara x Diesel Choc Boy with Tan Points

DOB: Nov 1, 2021

Ready to go home: Dec. 27th

Click on his picture to view his album

Yara x Diesel Black Girl

DOB: Nov 1, 2021

Ready to go home: Dec. 27th

Click on her picture to view her album

Deposit payment options

We accept cash, check, or credit via the options below:

PayPal - teddybearhavanese@gmail.com You are responsible for any fees associated with this option.

Venmo - www.venmo.com/Danielle-Turner-94289

Cash App - $smp2315 (I will text you a link if you don't already have this app.)

Shopping List

FOOD We recommend Life's Abundance Small Breed Puppy Food.  Order here:  Life's Abundance   There is a significant difference in quality so please don’t risk feeding your pup foods that may be recalled or source ingredients from China or ingredients that are toxic.   Sign up for recalls here:  www.dogfoodadvisor.com . 


NUVET PLUS WELLNESS WAFERS.  Why if you feed a “good food?” NuVet NOURISHES you pet for the Longest-Healthiest life possible.  Fills in vital nutrients missing in processed pet food which boosts immunity, reduces cell damage which causes rapid aging, and supports optimal health. They have a 23 year recall free record and human grade ingredients, made in the US.  Click here: www.nuvet.com/567866 OR Call 800-474-7400, reference # 567866 (They also carry natural ear cleaner, shampoos and spot remover for potty training) They offer Auto-Ship which breaks down to about $16 a month.


BASICS:   (Please avoid products manufactured in China – They often contain toxins)
____ Food and water bowls ( stainless steel – avoid plastic which can leach into the food/water )
____ Bed:  We like Wash’nZip:  www.washnzippetbed.com  Easy to clean and hard to destroy!  Get the Puppy Proofer too.

------ Leash

____ PLEASE be sure to register your microchip!!!
____ ID tag and collar 
____ Puppy waste bags - for walks

____Crate - Best to purchase a crate with a divider to remove once they grow .  This is the best way to potty train and your dog.  Not ‘cruel’ but actually gives your puppy comfort like a ‘den’ once they adjust to it.  They will cry at 1st much like a baby adjusting to a crib. 


____ Puppy pee pads - if you plan to train your pup indoors at any time

____ Paper towels & spot cleaner   - for accidents
____ Teething toys
____ Puppy treats – We love NuVet and so does your pup.  If using others CHECK INGREDIENTS! Many have fillers and ingredients that may cause upset tummies and diarrhea

____ Good puppy books - some suggestions:
                How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves - by Sophia Yin
                The Dog Listener - by Jan Fennel
                How to Raise the Perfect Dog Through Puppyhood and Beyond - by Cesar Millan
                The Puppy Primer - Pat McConnell's
____ Shampoo and conditioner - I use an oatmeal based shampoo- NuVet makes one. Don’t use human products- Dogs have different PH and human shampoos are irritating
____ Dog brush and comb
____ Dog tooth brush and toothpaste
____ Ear cleaner  (NuVet’s is great)


  All of my puppies are satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason you want to return a puppy within the first three weeks I will give a 50% refund or another puppy (limit one exchange of puppy). 
If you decide to return a dog it is your responsibility to pay shipping or bring the dog to my home. 
Puppies are sold on AKC limited registration.

In order for you to reserve a puppy I require a $500 deposit. Deposits are a first come first serve basis. If you should change your mind after we have held a puppy for you for more than one week there is no refund on your deposit. If you change your mind within a week there will only be a 50 percent refund on the deposit. Instead, you can choose to use your deposit towards a different puppy. 

If you decide after 30 days that you don't want the dog for whatever reason (too hyper- too laid back- too big- too small, I got sick, my mother got sick, ) you may return the dog to me and I will find it a new home.

I do however suggest if vet bills are a concern for you that you buy the pet health insurance that the AKC offers when you register the puppy. 


I am sending out a healthy puppy and I will stand behind my dogs. If your puppy is sick you should see the symptoms relatively quick. You may return a sick dog for a full refund within 5 days of taking the puppy home. After this date the puppy's health will be your responsibility. If your puppy should die and your vet feels its the fault of the breeder you will receive another puppy. three year limit.

There are several ways to receive your puppy

1. Pick up at my home. (this is the most common)
2. We will deliver the puppy around half way, there will be a fee associated with delivery. 

Schedule of Fees

Deposit ......................................$500

Delivery.....................................$.90 per mile (both ways)

Boarding.....................................$5.00 per day past 10 weeks of age  

sires and dams


Black and Silver with White Markings


NOBLEGOLD'S Yara aka Yum Yum

Click on the picture to see more!

NOBLEGOLD'S Batgirl aka Batsy




Danielle Turner - teddybearhavanese@gmail.com - 7069696485