CH. carter's NOBLE shaka zulu

ch. carter's noble shaka zulu
is a son of the great rotty bitch bis biss select champion noblegold gidgett, he was a result of gidgetts second litter, her pups all carry her temperment and beautiful movement, as well as structure. pictured below shakka is his mom gidgett. shakka has on outstanding show record with over 30 best in shows and three  impressive american rottweiler club specialit win too. recently he went best in show at the eucanuba event in tampa florida, he competed in bred by exibitor event, good thing i let keith be on the papers because i could have never showen him so well. if it wasent for that choice keith never would have been able to compete in bred by, he has dedicated most of his time to showing this dog. shaka is a son of keiths first rotty champion, ch karreims earth wind and fire, purchased for kahled karriem, kahled has some wonderful dogs he has produced behind earth wind and fire, and on the dam side lets not forget kim mcdowell's dog jade, a beautiful grandsire of gidgett, gidgetts father is rugar, a son of jade, jade met an untimley death from a really stupid neighbor. anyhow rotties are so missunderstood. and if any of you remember the great boss of hales hollow, gidgetts moms dad, what a dog too. i have not seen the dogs behind earth wind and fire so i cannot correctly comment on them, however i hear very good things. anyone out there remember oil tanker? sorry he's not in this pedigree.. oh well he was an outstanding dog too.
 to produce a great dog is sometimes easier than it is to take him to the top. it takes 110 percent effort. many sleepess nights and a whole lot of money for advertising, hotels and airfair, not to mention finding someone to take care of things while you are gone from home, that can be the hard part too. many times i have had to go take care of keiths dogs so he could attend a show, and gave him my old dog van to help him on his way. i support shaka and beleive he is one of gidgetts great pups. and those of you who only read advertising know keith sometimes only represents himself as breeder, but he is the co-breeder, he somehow leaves my name out occaisionaly, look the dog up on american kennel club sight, i am the breeder and he is the co breeder, or maybe you saw that impressive win at the garden in 2006, only rotty in 130 years to do that.  hope all you rotty people see this. he is the most winning rotty in the history of the breed. thank you keith carter for beleiving in gidgetts pups,,,

champion noblegold gidgett