i would like to present to you bis, biss, select ch. noblegold gidgett, breeder owner nancy noble.... one if the most winning bitch in history winning over 20 group placements and best in show and best in specialty all before the age of 2, retiring young to spend a life with her havanese and family, the absolutely best dog ever just ask any old rotty person or any judge that knew her. one who remembers the great dogs. she was bred a few times and has produced a few great dogs, one of which is bis biss select ch carters noble shaka zulu, owned by keith carter and "noblegold's perfect storm" owned by anselm baptist. i let keith carter be on the papers as co breeder so he could show in bred-by, i feel the stud dog owner is particialy the breeder too. but the dog was born in my home and raised here for about the first 3 months. read your catalogues...however it does take a hell of commitment to take a dog to the top. i do not let gidgett go anywhere for stud and ch. karriems earth wind and fire was the closest dog available, gidgett did her thing and produced another fine dog, but what's behind her i believe that carries through time and time again is boss of hallows hollow which was her mothers sire. ob (gidgetts mom) as she was called was bred to kim mcdowells dog rugar,in a trade for some jewelry he had a hell of a sire too, jade.  bis biss select ch. carters noble shaka zulu has around 30 bis to date and he is only 4 years old. way to go keith. he won the eucanuba bred by exhibitor best in show most recently last year and the national specialty 3 times in a row. anyhow here are pictures of some of these great dogs.

gidgett and keith in the top 20

gidgetts awsom son out of champ,
gidgett is playing with pups on other pages
gidgett passed away july 08